The Daydream

I loved blogging last week, but this week, can’t get myself going. Can I use as an excuse that I’ve been feeling under the weathery? Probably not, I was tired all week, but didn’t start feeling the sniffly, sore throat, achy body till yesterday. In fact, today, though all I wanted to do was lie on the couch, I somehow managed to get myself up and start doing things. Put lentils and carrots in the crock pot and flour and yeast in the bread maker. I hope my family appreciates my homemade dinner. Also made myself a nice salad for lunch. Then to enjoy the sun I did some weeding and also sat outside and did questionaires for a research study my kids are in.

I look at my list of to do’s, check, check. What’s next? Write Post. Ahem. Okay, okay, how about that day dream I had, right after my son’s doctor’s appointment? Downstairs and a door over from the doctor,  we saw that locally owned pizzeria where we managed to get a nice meal a few months ago, despite having to ask them to turn down the TV several times. My son gets concerned when there is a lot of unnatural music, which is basically anything coming from electronics. As we walked by, I noticed the sign “we regret to inform you that we have closed our doors for good.” Sad, an empty storefront, on a beautiful spot by the river.

That’s when I started daydreaming. I started picturing the restaurant/cafe that I would open up. Of course, take out all the tvs, loud soda machines, then open up the doors to a patio with a fountain overlooking the river. And the food would be delicious and all natural of course! While getting the kids ready for bed that night, I started mentally writing the menu. It was an exciting enough picture in my head that I spontaneously took my pen out to jot it all down, before going to sleep myself.

My inspiration comes from The Orchard, a restaurant in Frederick, a city I really miss for all the unusual shops and restaurants in their beautiful downtown. I miss the kind of healthy, all natural prepared food that was so easy to find, when I lived there. So can I plagarize? Because I wrote down at the top of the menu: Mama’s Orchard Cafe. Today, glancing again at the menu I had written, it dawned on me that I am already owner of my own in-home restaurant. Tonight we will taste-test the mediterranean lentil soup and fresh garlic/basil bread that is a signature of Mama’s kitchen.

Perhaps some day I will open up that river cafe of my dreams. But meanwhile, I practice and play. Because imagination is all I need to get going again.20160923_155237

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