Some Things I’ve Learned

Some things I’ve learned on the trail:

  • Social media is a curse and a blessing–it connects and maintains friendships across long distances,
    • but it also isolates people into their screens and removes the face to face and in the moment contact that humans need as social animals
  • Gratitude is a powerful motivating force, required to fuel the desire to persevere.
    • Gratitude and joy for one’s own accomplishments
    • Gratitude and appreciation towards those around us for their kindness and support
    • And for all the coincidental and unexpected gifts, for the unwitting angels, as well as the purposeful, powerful forces that move people to joy and kindness.
  • Trying new things and persisting makes strangeness and discomfort slowly wear away.
    • You don’t know what you can do till you try
    • You also needn’t be afraid to ask for help, while trying to get yourself steady on your own two feet
  • Speaking of feet, putting one foot in front of the other, not overwhelming with the bigger picture can make big problems seem manageable
    • While big pictures and dreams are meant to motivate one to start taking those little steps

It feels like yin and yang, with good and bad mixed together.

And what I have learned is that, there is no such thing as perfect, but you are perfect, just the way you are.

Weird Dream

I wanted to share a weird dream I had the other night, that seems strangely symbolic:

Zombies took over the earth. They were walking around, oozing and drooling everywhere. We gathered all the people left in a classroom/school and discussed how we were going to take a spaceship to a distant planet. Some of us were stuck in different places and couldn’t get to the school; others were being slowly gathered and finding their way there.

We were practicing jumping up at the same time, so we could enter the spaceship. We had to practice this over and over again, because we all had to jump at exactly the same moment. People who were stuck on bridges and overpasses and underground hiding places were being sent the same message: this would occur at 3:30pm and we should all synchronize and jump together.

At 3:30pm we all jumped, but some missed it. Then they discovered that if they thought about love and someone they loved that was already on the spaceship, they would start floating up through walls and ceilings and make it to the spaceship. Lots of people caught on and started thinking/feeling love.

The space ship took us to a new planet, where we could regroup and resettle. But eventually, we planned to come back to earth with a few pioneers and we would start the work to make the earth habitable again.

What do you think this weird dream means? I have some ideas, but would love to hear what you think.